Slow –  Perverted Hypnosis Engine - By The Voice 666 aka Major Pixel

Spring 14 update.  ok.  Its still Winter, sort of...


I'm adding more to Slow.  A lot more.  I'm also taking custom work.  Not cheap, yet hell fun...  Check in.

Some feedback..

"Slow is your best work yet sir.  Its like you are inside me.  Shudders. "  Zig69LA

"I dont know but I think it made me quit my job.  Powerful and scary."  Tinaslut.

"Omg.  sir I sucked my boss off today?  What have you done to me?"  andy

"Can you turn this off?  Its scaring me."  sexrobot5401

"I love you Voice.  its weird.  How do you do that?"  sissy anna

"I know you are brainwashing me but I dont want to stop sir.  its like im falling."  lostboy 55

"you are breaking my mind." anonloser

The files are seamless and built for looping.  They are tested.  They have a lot within them.  Wear headphones.  Let them loop.  Turn them down until you can just hear the background layers, and then simply go about your resting and Slow time.  The effects are profound, and lasting...


The Voice

Slow – The latest hypnosis engine by The Voice 666. All you need to do is listen...

Slow – Trancer: This is the 1st file you'll put in your playlist. It settles the mind and puts you to a restful state. Wear headphones or ear buds. Listen as you lay back. Feel free to stack a series of Slow files up and listen all night long. Good times, to be sure!

More new files...  Make sure to check in for free samples...  Since I happen to know that Slow is going to fuck with you.

Slow - Rim Job For The Voice - wear your headphones...  make a playlist...  and enjoy eating my ass...

Slow - My Slutty Cunt meets my pal Tim.  You like to dress and be slutty.  That is good, since I share you off...

Slow - Hetro Humiliation Curse File for Sissies and Fems.  Careful.  Listen at your own risk, sissy.  Wear headphones.

Slow - The Goal curse for Muscle Sluts.  You're going to have a lot of new pals.  Let it loop.  Wear your headphones.

Listen to Slow while you're on the bus or train, and at lunch.

Hey Girl Curse - For use with Slow.  Set your inner fem free...  Let it loop.  Wear your headphones, babe.

Muscle Imp Gets A Cum Load.  For use with Slow.  Wear your headphones.  A nice post workout treat for ya.

Slow - My Slutty Cunt Sucks off JJ.  You like to dress and be a cunt.  I like that too.  heh.  Cunt.

Thought For My Slutty Cunt - for use with Slow - A nice file to add to your playlist cunt.  heh.  Yep.

Fucking My Slutty Cunt.  For use with Slow.  You like to dress.  I like to undress you and fuck you, cunt.

I love cumming inside you, just so you know.  Sort of my way of showing you I care...

My Slutty Cunt and Dave from Craigslist...  For use with Slow.  Trolling you off makes me laugh.  Cunt.  Wear your headphones.

Hetro Smoking Fetish Enhancer...  For use with Slow.  Make a playlist of your favorite smoking women, and listen as you stroke.

Muscle Slut poses for The Voice.  For use with Slow.  Making you show off for me is fun.  Makes my cock hard fyi...

Slow - Accepting Your Secret Need For Cock.  Let it loop.  Wear your headphones.  Pervert.

Let the files loop as you sleep for some really fucking well perverted dreams...

Craving Queer Violation...  For use with Slow.  Wear your headphones.  Let it loop with the rest.

Slow - Sissy Fantasy - Noob Cock.  A nice tale about you and a loser getting it on sissy.  heh.   Makes me laugh.

Craving Forced Fem.  For use with Slow.  Wear your headphones.  Lets help you along your path cunt.

Slow - Sissy Likes To Suck.  More fun with Slow for sissies and freaks...  Enjoy.

hypno - mp3 - slow - Drive By Slut Gets Some

A nice fantasy bit about you getting fucked by some losers in a car.  Heh.  Since you're the kind to enjoy a drive by.  Wear your headphones.  Listen as you relax.  Mix it with your other Slow files.


hypno - mp3 - slow - Fem Slut Sucks My Dick

Sexy little cunt...  Making you suck my dick is hot.  As is shooting my sweet cum all over your sexy cunt face...  Bitch.  Wear your headphones and listen as you relax.


hypno - mp3 - slow - Fucking My Fem Slut

Pretty little fem cunt...  A nice tale about me putting my dick in you...  Since you like that...  More Slow fun.  Wear your headphones and add it to the mix.


hypno - mp3 - slow - Old Troll Cock Fucks You

A dirty little fantasy about a fat ol' troll coming over to stuff his dick in you.  Mix it with your other Slow files.  Listen as you relax, and enjoy his cock cumming in you...  heh.  Pervert mother fucker.


hypno - mp3 - slow - Open Stretched Fuck Hole

Helping you to understand how sexy long term damage is?  Like ruining your fuck hole and making it into a gaping cunt?  Ya.  Let it loop.  Wear your headphones.  Listen as you relax.


hypno - mp3 - slow - Suck Some In The Public Bathroom

A dirty little fantasy about you sucking dick in the public head.  Wear your headphones pervert.  Mix it with your other Slow files.


hypno - mp3 - Slow - Tip For The Voice

I tossed a couple of secrets in here, my way of taking care of you for taking care of me.  Wear your headphones.  Let it loop with your other Slow files.


hypno - mp3 - slow - Workout Helper 

Just the thing...  Helping you to be more efficient and better, fast, more able?  Yes.  And more.  Let it loop.  Wear your headphones.  For use with Slow...


hypno - mp3 - slow Gainer Has A Goal 

Be a good lad and eat.  We're setting you on the path to 400 lbs.  Together we're going to get you there, you fat fuck.


hypno - mp3 - slow Hetro Mind Fuck 

Ruined sexually?  Ya.  A dirty curse.  Let it loop.  We'll fuck you up long term for straight sex.  Sexy, don't you think?


hypno - mp3 - slow Let It Fall 

Watching your whole life tumble as you just stop and fuck off all the time?  Yes.  Wear headphones and let it loop. Homie.


hypno - mp3 - slow - T Pig Craves 

Fecal freak?  Of course you are.  Sick mother fucker.  Let it loop with your other Slow files.  Wear your headphones.


hypno - mp3 - slow Time Together 8 - Public Stroking

A nice thought eh?  Jerking in public.  Since it makes me laugh.  Let it loop with your other Slow files.  Wear your headphones, pervert...



hypno - mp3 - Slow - You Are A Girl In Bed

Lets face it, you're kind of a sexy horny fuck.  Right?  Babe.  Let this loop with your other Slow files.  Wear your headphones.  Or buds.  Just the thing for you slut...


hypno - mp3 - Slow - Crave hot Wet 

Drinking from the tap?  Kneeling and taking all the hot golden stream you can choke down?  Yes.  Mix it with your other Slow files.  Pervert.


hypno - mp3 - Slow - cuckolded sissy 

Watching her with another man?  Wearing your panties?  Life as the cuckold and sissy you are?  Tasty.  Don't you think?  More of the goodness that is Slow.  Use with Trancer and your other Slow files.  Headphones or buds, love....


hypno - mp3 - Slow - Deeper 

Lets help you decide that all of this is your choice.  Heh.  Mix Deeper in with your other files.  Its meant for your longer listening sessions, so weekends and overnight.  Use with care, since its rather insidious...


hypno - MP3 - Slow - Fem Cocksucker 

A reminder of who and what you are darling...  a Fem cocksucker right?  Let it loop over and over, and do as I say babe.  You'll be glad you did.  Headphones or buds, like all of Slow.


hypno - mp3 - slow - female motion curse

A dirty little bit.  Imagine finding yourself moving and acting more and more fem all the time.  Unable to stop yourself from doing it?  Ya.  A...  curse.  Caution...  I'm rather good at what I do..


hypno - mp3 - Slow - Help Sleeping 

Speaking of...  Would you like a nice night of rest?  Turn it down until you can just hear the background layers, and let it loop with Trancer.  And sleep.  Well.  Headphones or buds...


hypno - mp3 - Slow - Her Privy 

Such a perverted interest eh?  To be used?  Admit it, you're twisted up and you really are...  Her Privy.  Let it loop, mix it with your other Slow files, and enjoy us furthering your base perversions.  For use with Slow.  Headphones, or buds.  Always.


hypno - mp3 - Slow - Leather Sub Training Loop 1

Something about Leather eh?  Mix this with your other Slow files.


hypno - mp3 - Slow - Leather Sub Training Loop 2

More...  And more still.  You know what to do, right?


hypno - mp3 - Slow - Lie To Him 

Lets fuck with your relationship eh?  Have the courage and intent to lie, cheat and steal.  All b/c I say so...  Mix it with your other Slow files.  You'll be glad you did...


hypno - mp3 - Slow - Open Girl 

An open and receptive girl?  You?  Yes.  Over and over.  Just the thing to mix in with your other Slow files babe.  Wear your headphones and let it loop...


hypno - mp3 - Slow - Priest Fuck 

Ah yes...  Something about getting sexy with that old priest...  Taking his cock?  Enjoying his seed?  Ya.  A lovely little bit to twist the mind.  Listen and stroke, pervert...


hypno - mp3 - Slow - service my dick again

I do enjoy you being my sexual plaything.  Wear your headphones, and let this loop in your mix.  Lets have some fun, homie..


hypno - mp3 - Slow - service need for BBC1

Something about twisting your desires and setting you to taking action.  It really does turn me on.  So lets get to it eh?  Lets get to making you into that BBC service slut you and I both know you are...


hypno - mp3 - Slow - service need for BBC2

Add this in as well.  Wear your headphones or buds, and let it loop for hour upon hour.  For use with Slow.  Homie.


hypno - mp3 - Slow - sissy craves facials

Furthering your desires?  Ya.  Making you more and more of a sissy cunt that needs it in the mouth and face.  Lovely I'd say...


hypno - mp3 - Slow - stupid sissy cunt

You're stupid.  A stupid Sissy cunt.  Let this loop.  Cunt.


hypno - mp3 - Slow - Sucking JC 

Yes...  White robs, flowing blond hair, and you, sucking him off.  A lovely dirty little curse built to scar your soul.  Sexy, don't you think?  Mix it with your other Slow files.  Let it loot as you rest.  Over and over.  Heh.  Good times...  Headphones...  right?


hypno - mp3 - Slow - workout perv 

Ah yes...  Something about getting all perverted and more at the gym.  Sniffing, jerking...  and a lot more?  Wear your headphones, and listen over and over, doing as I say.  Workout Pervert.


hypno - mp3 - Slow - Time Together 1 

Time Together – Prep – opens your mind.  TT is for extended listening.  Set up a playlist, and just listen as we spend some time together...  Headphones or buds..  hmmmm?


hypno - mp3 - Slow - Time Together 2 

Slut – More of the TT series.  Learn about how I like you.  Slutty that is.  Let it loop.  B/c it feels good.


hypno - mp3 - Slow - Time Together 3 

Files – More fun with Slow.  TT 3 helps you help me.  Cool huh?  Finding out how to make me smile and what you can do to make my day better...


hypno - mp3 - Slow - Time Together 4 

Needs – Booze.  Sugar.  Caffeine.  Nicotine...  All friends.  Spend some time listening, and come to understand what turns me on a lot.  As in you, suffering a nice mix of habits and addictions.  Wear your headphones.  Let it loop. More of the goodness that is Slow.


hypno - mp3 - Slow - Time Together 5 

Fucked – Since we're spending some time together, I thought you might like to...  Well...  Make sure I'm nice and relaxed.  More of the fun that is Slow and the Time Together seires.


hypno - mp3 - Slow - Time Together 6 

Foot Rub – My feet need a rub.  So since we're spending some time together, lets have ya help me out.  Hmmm....  Let it loop, and just relax as we spend some more Time Together..


hypno - mp3 - Slow - Time Together 7 

Clean – After a workout I like getting clean.  Making you do the dirty work of cleaning me is hot.  Pits. Nuts.  Ass.  All part of spending some time together homie.  Hell yes.  Let it loop, mix it with your other Slow files.  Relax, and listen and do as I say...


Special Deal – All of Time Together 1 – 7 plus #8 a special bonus track, and I also give ya Trancer and Deeper...  Sweet huh?

Ah yes...  Lets spend some time this weekend hmmm? Or over night?  10 files...  3 hrs and 20 mins.  


The Lovers Kiss Curse: Love me. Forever. Something insidious. Something dirty. Buy it at your own risk. Let it loop over and over. Fall in love with me, Sexy. Don't you think? - use with Slow – Trancer. Make a playlist. Let the files loop. Feel free to mix in other Slow files. Wear headphones

Open Mind: Add in to your playlist. Makes you need it all the more.

Crave Body Modification To Be More Fem: Getting you used to the idea, and focused on the desires? Pretty tits? Sexy shaped ass? Plastic surgery and permanent makeup etc? Ya. The sort of file that you mix in with your others, let loop and let chip away. You'll find the effects are rather dirty over time. Setting you to a plan of action... Wear headphones. Let it loop. Use with your other Slow files.

Crave Dick In Your Mouth: You and I both know that pushing you to be more of the cock slut you are is fun. Lets put a point on your desires eh? Let it loop over and over and feel the effects of being made to long for a nice long schlong in that sexy suck hole of yours. Made to loop with your other Slow files. Put 'em on your player and let them loop as you rest and stroke.

Cumming On Your Sissy Face: Getting up over you, beating my dick off while I straddle you? Getting my dick all over that pretty sissy face of yours as I jerk until I cum? Ya. Just the thing to set your sissy desires to running. Wear headphones, put it in a playlist and just let 'em loop. Ya sissy.

Degraded Homo Cocksucker: The Homely? The Homeless? The Lonely? Ya. Perfect hmmm? Working yourself over and choosing to brainwash self into being more and more of a queer suck slut? Sexy don't you think? Mix with your other Slow files. Wear headphones or ear buds. Let 'em loop as you rest.

Feels Good To Suck Me Off: A nice file that sets you to longing to taste my tool. Sexy eh? Longing to kneel before me and to serve and service me. Letting those cheeks go all hollow for me as I get off in your mouth time after time... Wear headphones or buds. Mix it with your other Slow files. Let 'em loop as you rest...

Fucking Your Sissy Mouth: Pretty sissy. Dressing up for me? Coming to see me once again, to kneel for me once again? Yes. Yes pretty sissy. Come here and suck my dick for me lover. Lets make you more and more of the fem little bitch you and I both know you are. Mix with your other Slow files. Wear headphones or buds. Let 'em loop as you relax and go Slow.

Homo Sissy Slut Desires: So many ways to motivate. Heh. Hell yes. Imagine sissy, the perfect life? A mistress to laugh at you? Men who want to use you... A lifestyle that sets you free to be the dirty little homosexual sissy and “gurl” we all know you are? Yes indeed, sissy... Mix with your other Slow files. Wear headphones... Let them loop as you rest.

I Am Your Whore And You Cum For Me: A dirty bit to acknowledge eh? I am your whore... right? And it does feel good to pay me for making you cum, right? Let it loop. Mix it with your other Slow files, making a playlist and letting them loop as you relax. Make sure to wear headphones. Its a dirty and rich mix...

Jerking My Dick Off Cum Slave: I do enjoy a nice stroke job now and then. In this file you're relaxing in the cradle of my legs tossing me off, over and over as I let you see what I am like when I cum. Sexy don't you think? Make a playlist. Let it loop with your other Slow files. Wear headphones and do not drive.

Licking My Ass Feels Good: Putting you to work licking and sucking my ass while I jerk? Hell yes. A good time. See, if ya do this right I might even let you do it some more... Mix this in with your other Slow files. Wear headphones. Let them loop as you relax.

Queer Fat Pig Likes To Eat And Stroke: Setting you to eating more? Jerking and eating? Getting fatter and more queer and strange all the time? Well lets just say I'm good at what I do. Homie. Mix this in with your other Slow files. Wear headphones. Let 'em loop as you relax, listening all the damn time. Right?

Queer Sex Thoughts Around Men: A dirty little file that just works its way inside... You'll find your mind going to some very dirty places when you're around other men. Heh. Good times I'm sure. Also a lovely training tool for slaves, either as reward for the already queer, or as punishment for the so called “straight” slave... Make a playlist, mixing in your other Slow files. Wear headphones or ear buds.

She Is Boring And Stupid: Lets face it, she is. So let this loop in the mix of files and see what comes... This insidious bit sets you to knowing the truth about her, and just how you feel about her. A lovely tool for ruining your relationship. Let it loop. Mix it with your other Slow files. Use Slow – Trancer to take yourself down, and this to set ya up... Wear headphones... you'll be glad you did. Honest.

Sissy Girl Is Loved And Fucked: Ya... Me being all nice to you and helping you to be more and more fem. Doing nice things like putting you on your back and giving you my sexual attention, cumming in you and holding you pretty. Sexy don't you think, babe? Make a playlist with your other Slow files. Let it loop as you relax. Pretty sissy. Going to fuck you. Nicely.

Skirt Up Panties Down Sissy Fuck: I do love making you stand, panties at your knees, pussy spread for me sissy. I do. The fill length of the stroke I can get when I'm fucking you with your head tipped down, pussy full of me as I fuck you... A lovely way to get off inside you babe. Mix with your other Slow files. Let them loop as you relax and rest, pretty. Wear headphones. Feel me cumming inside you, lover.

Taking Sissy From Behind: Getting close to you lover? Skin on skin sex? Feeling me fuck you time after time? Sexy times hmmm? More of the sissy sex series with Slow. Make a playlist. Let the files loop as you rest. Feel my tool, my lust and my cum baby doll. Time for some hardcore sexy times, sweet thing. Wear headphones or buds. Let them play as you lay back and relax, honey...

Watch Her Be Her Sissification File: Find yourself being more and more fem. Train your subconscious to view and to mimic the actions of the women you find sexy in your life. Walking, moving your arms, acting like the pretty girls around you? Sexy don't you think sissy? Damn sexy... Wear headphones. Mix it with your other Slow files. Let 'em loop as you rest.

Beer And Cigs For Bubba: You and I know you're a fat farm fuck. This file helps you to crave your beer, need your cigs and want to just set back and be the fat drunk farm fuck you and I both know you are Bub. Wear your headphones, let it loop, and do as I say. Make a playlist with Slow Trancer and get to it. As in now.

You Are A Girl: Just a reminder babe. Let it loop with your other Slow files. Set back, put on your headphones and just let the files loop.

“Slow is great. It knocks me out right away and the dreams I have are very intense. Great work Sir! I listen to my files every night.” sissy2112

“omg. You have fucked my mouth and pussy so much! Luv you Voice. Slow FTW” pantyboi lynn

“MajorPixel asked me for a quote about Slow so here it is Try this with headphones when you are playing with yourself. You will cum harder than you ever have. I do. I love it!” Ben in Seattle.

Mini Faq

What makes Slow so good?  --  Pacing, the vivid nature of the visions and the lasting effects from listening.  Suffice to say Slow will get to you...

Can I mix the files with my Sleepy and Dreamer files?  -- Sure.  Give yourself a few moments of quiet in the mix and you'll be fine.

Are these made to loop?  -- Yes.  You can stack as many files as you'd like in a playlist and blend well.  Built for it, in fact, so that you can make a playlist for as much time as you have.  Overnight?  Stack 3, 4, 5 files or more, and just let them play as you rest.  You'll find its a very useful way to head fuck yourself, or a subject you're looking to subject to all of this...

I have really good speakers.  Do I need headphones?  -- Yes, you do.  Slow has a lot of complex stuff in it.  Speakers can not give you what you need.  You MUST wear headphones or buds for all most all of my works.  Anything I do with multi tracks needs headphones or buds.  Just to be clear.  You'll find a night and day dif. in the overall effect.

Do you do custom files?  -- I do.  Now that I'm back out of the lab with Slow, I'll be taking requests and orders again.  Big time.

How long do I need to listen for some of the effects to happen? -- Well testing shows that if you gave a single file a week to 10 days of nightly looping you're going to find it starts to really sink in.  If you mix multiple files etc. it takes longer, yet the fact is its more fun since the mix lets the mind play in a lot of places.  Again, testing shows that if you want to overwhelm use a single file or two and let it/them loop for 20 to 40 hours more or less straight.  Or make a nice long playlist and listen nightly for a few weeks etc.