Sexually Perverted Hypnosis?

Why on earth would you listen to it?

Well now... Easy. To make your perversions and desires more intense and to make yourself cum harder, to make yourself more and more of that dirty little thing you and I both know you are... Right?

Latest Works - Sleepy, Dreamer & Slow


Early Works and Misc Files.

Lets face it... Lets say you're into something like being face sat, or into cock worship or maybe into being forced fem etc...

Now imagine being made to really need those things in your life? To be driven to seeking them, to crave... To be made to do the very things you long for and that you fantasize about... Kinky eh? I mean... Lets say you dream of being made to slut that pretty mouth of yours? Or maybe you long being more and more feminie? Heh. Good doll. Very good. Lets have you do some listening then princess.

My stuff will make your kink worse. Or is that “better?”

Fucking well cool huh?

I'm world class. I come with references. I'm good at what I do. Listen at your own risk.

- Also great tools for slave training. You a top, master or dominant? Awesome training aides... Just saying...