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1. Fem Men

For Fem Men - FF - Motel Bitch Gets Some

Story or Fantasy

Making you be my smooth shaved sexy bitch and having you serve me and... others? All part of my game, babe. I like using my 8.5 in tool to turn you from lad to lass, and use it, and you I do. Part of the Motel Bitch Album by The Voice 666

Forced Fem, Oral, Queer Sex, Whoring, Teasing, Bondage


2. sub men into Men

For Perverts - My Sweaty Cock Your Horny Mouth

Story or Fantasy

After a nice workout I am a bit sweaty... and you're going to do something nice for me, helping me to relax.

Oral, Sweat, Gym, Worship


3. sub men into Men

MF 005 - Glory Hole Days

Story or Fantasy

A nice bit about you seeing dicks pop out the holes and you sucking them...

Humiliation, Violence, Forced Sex, Queer Sex, Snide, Group Sex


4. Sissies

Sissy Time - Eat My Spill

Story or Fantasy

You know you want to, pretty thing...

Sissification, Forced Sex, Cum Eating, Oral, Course Language

by The Voice and Homies...