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The Voice 666

Me?  The Voice.  or if you’re feeling formal…  The Voice 666.

I’ve been kicking it online and on the West Coast for the last decade or so. You’ll note from my feedback etc. I’m well thought of, and god damn good at what I do. Hell yes.

So now… Let me see… Depending on who you talk to you’ll hear I’m…  A burn out and high piece of work.  A mother fucker.  Someone who is hard to work with.  A cock.  A cheap and funny fuckwit.  A bastard.  A dick…  A pervert and more.

Ya.  For the most part true.  Pretty much. Want more?


Kinky Audio for Pervs

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Slow Trancer

This is the first file you'll put in your playlist. It settles the mind and puts you to a restful state.

Wear headphones or ear buds.


For use with Slow.  You like to dress.  I like to undress you and fuck you, cunt.

I love cumming inside you, just so you know.  Sort of my way of showing you I care...

Fucked Like a Girl


$6.66 Make you get on your back for me, cunt, and fuck you while I look at you babydoll...


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