Dream like you’re there…  A special bit from your ol’ homie The Voice 666.

Dreamer – Dreamer Base File – Use headphones or buds and mix with your Dreamer files. $10

Dreamer – Workout Pervert – $13 – Raiding lockers for dirty jocks?  Jerking off on sweaty socks in the stall?  Sniffing and licking the stationary bike seat? All this and more pervert.  Or should I say Workout Pervert?  Mix with The Dreamer.  Wear headphones or buds.  Let it loop as you rest for a week to 10.  heh.  you’re be glad you did.  Honest.

Dreamer – Sissy For Life – Daddy & His Pal. – $13 – Your man has cowboy boot and jeans wearing pal over.  Lucky for you, the pal is thinking about getting his own sissy, so Daddy lets you show your value…  Mix with The Dreamer.  Wear headphones or buds.

Dreamer – Forced Gay Sex – Bob 3 – $13 – He’s back again.  This time he wants you to deep throat his 9″ gay cock.  Does not make you gay right?  Its the dirty hold he has over you.  Honest.  Listen with The Dreamer.  Wear headphones or buds, and lay back and dream.

Dreamer – Sissy For Life – Fucked While Shopping – $13 – Your man takes you shopping and then fucks you.  Sexy huh?  Sissy bitch.  Listen as you rest.  Mix it with the main file “The Dreamer base file” and just let it loop.

Dreamer – Sissy For Life – Can’t Get Hard – $13 – A dirty little bit for your sissy mind.  Buy it and mix it with the Dreamer base file, letting it loop as you sleep.  Its a good thing for you, sissy.

Dreamer – For The Love Of Fat – $13 – Setting your inner Chub Chaser free?  Ya.  Listen with The Dreamer base file.  Wear headphones or buds.  Let it loop as you rest.

Dreamer – Dirty Little Thing For Feet $13 – Enjoy your fetish!  Find yourself cumming harder than ever before as I help you with it.  Mix with The Dreamer main and wear your headphones or buds.  Give it a week to 10 nights.

Dreamer – Tranny Whore – The Car – Life as a whore?  Implants?  Sexy jeans and boots?  Clients paying you to suck and fuck?  Ya.  A lovely dream don’t you think?  Mix it with the base file and wear phones or buds…  $13

Dreamer – Ads – Fat Guy Cums In You.  A nice fat nameless bud drops over to your place and empties his sperm inside that sexy hole of yours.  Sweet huh?  $13.  You might even find yourself running some ads after a few listens…

Dreamer – You Like To Touch Men.  A dirty little curse file that breaks down your fears and sets you to maybe just copping a feel of pretty much all the men around you.  As in all.  heh.  Nice hmmm?  Use with the Dreamer Base file.  Listen as you rest.  Wear buds or headphones.  $13

Dreamer – Lust For Older Men.  A nice file to add to your list.  Something about the varied older guys eh?  From the slick and clean to the grey and pale.  Heh.  They do turn you on.  $13.  Mix with the Dreamer base file and let it loop as you rest.

Dreamer – Very Pretty Girl 1.  We’re going to set you free pretty doll.  You and I know you’re a femm spirit.  Right?  So now we’re going to set her free.  Listen with your other Dreamer files.  You’ll be glad you did, sweetie.  $13

Dreamer – Slave To Vagina.  A sexy curse for you.  Imagine if you found yourself un able to look women in the eye, rather needing to look right at their vagina.  Yep.  Right in the pussy.  All the time.  A dirty little trait you’ve picked up there, needing to stare like that.  Un able to stop yourself, b/c it feels good.  To simply stare at here vagina, the crease in her jeans, the way her skirt lays…  You’re such a Slave To Vagina…  $13.  Mix it in with your other Dreamer files.  Good times for ya!!

Dreamer – The Locker Room – Jocks Socks – Caught sniffing Socks?  Made into a forced gay sex slave just so you can sniff some more?  YES. $20

Dreamer – Panties For Life – The Truth.  You’re a Fem lil panty boi right?  Buy this and listen with the main file.  It will help. $20

Dreamer – Forced Gay Sex – Bob 1.  Bob keeps showing up and using you.  That does not make you gay does it? $13

Dreamer – Forced Gay Sex – Bob 2.  Bob showers you with his warm gold and then makes you suck him.  Does not mean you liked it, right? $13

Dreamer – The Locker Room – Ken.  Everyone in The Locker Room knows all about you know.  Sexy huh?  Even Ken.  He knows all about you too…  $13.

Dreamer – The Locker Room – BBC James.  $13.  Enjoy serving James and his thick black tool.  He likes to fuck.  Sexy huh?  Fucking you in The Locker Room.

Dreamer – Her Full Service Slave – Co Ed Lynn.  Lynn is a pretty 20 yr old blond sexy that you pay to use your mouth.  Tonight she’s been drinking…  and she’s excited to see you. $20

Dreamer – Her Full Service Slave – Teen Dom Kath.  19 yr old Kath is just learning her ways as a pro Dom.  You pay her to use you as an ash tray and as her ass paper.  Sexy don’t you think? $20

Dreamer – Her Full Service Slave – BBW Jan.  Jan is a thick and filthy older woman.  She loves keeping you in her smother box and making you go all the way.  Kinky huh? $20

Dreamer – Old Man JT.  JT is your garbage man.  He loves dropping in for a nice time.  He loves that mouth of yours btw. $13

Dreamer – Old Man Jerry.  6-5 300 lb Jerry is a cabbie that likes you.  This time he’d like a good rim job and for you to get him off. $13

Dreamer – Old Man Ron.  Ron is just an older pal who likes for you to suck him to hard then to fuck you.  Take good care of him, ok? $13

Dreamer – Slave To BBC.  Mix this with the other Dreamer files and listen as you rest.  It will be good.  I’m sure. $20

Dreamer – Oral Slave For Men.  More fun using the Dreamer engine.  Made by me.  Mix it with your other Dreamer files if ya want.  Good times for you and your homies. $20

Dreamer – The Locker Room – Ted.  Ted sees you watching him.  He’s just done playing hoops and he is all sweaty.  Nice eh?  Him, seeing you and then making you do some nice things for him, like sucking his cock and eating his sperm… $13



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